Case Study: Effective Seawall Repair and Soil Stabilization at Forked River, New Jersey

May 22, 2023

Client Profile

The client is a homeowner living in Forked River, New Jersey. She had previously had her 115' seawall/bulkhead replaced using a vinyl panel system in 2016.


Post the replacement of the seawall, the client began experiencing a significant soil loss and settling behind the seawall. The situation made it increasingly difficult for her to maintain her lawn, especially mowing the grass. In an attempt to mitigate the problem, topsoil was imported and used to level out the lawn. However, despite these efforts, she experienced additional soil loss a year later.


Upon recognizing the ongoing issue, the client engaged the services of NSS (Northeast Seawall and Soil Stabilization), a company specializing in seawall repair and soil stabilization. NSS conducted a thorough assessment of the problem. The initial examination revealed that water infiltration behind the seawall was causing the soil loss. NSS proposed a plan to inject Seawall Repair Network's proprietary product, SW-RP1, behind the wall to stop the water infiltration.

Water Infiltration detection and SW-RP1 injection


NSS's team began the work by injecting SW-RP1 on the landward side of the seawall. This approach helped identify the areas where water was infiltrating and causing soil displacement.

Upon finding the sources of water infiltration and areas of water accumulation in the ground, the NSS team was able to efficiently address the problem. They repaired the seawall using SW-RP1 and halted any further water infiltration that was causing the soil loss.

The NSS team conducted the entire operation without causing any damage to the client's yard. This meticulous execution was a testament to the technical expertise and client-centric approach of NSS.


Post the intervention and repair work by NSS, the client was highly satisfied with the results. The soil settling and loss behind the seawall were effectively halted, restoring the stability and functionality of her lawn.

In conclusion, the case signifies the expertise of NSS in addressing complex seawall and soil-related issues. The satisfaction of the client and the resolution of her problem reinforces NSS's reputation as a reliable and efficient service provider in the field of seawall repair and soil stabilization. This is backed up by the certification by the Seawall Repair Network.